How To Get Google To Send You New Business Leads

To get new leads into your business you need a squeeze page. The primary objective of this page is to capture information for follow-up email marketing.

When you design a squeeze page you need to take into account who your audience are and what problem you are offering to solve for them when they provide you with their email address.

As a general rule, you would normally direct paid traffic to your squeeze page. But what about all the free traffic that Google and the other search engines can send you for free?

To get these leads, you need to optimize your squeeze page appropriately so that it gets seen by the search engines and gets ranked on their search listings.

Know Your Keywords

Study the keywords that your audience uses to find you. It doesn’t matter what other people think about your keywords, it only matters what your audience is using to find you. Look for high value, low competition keywords to use to attract your audience.

Use Keywords In Titles

Use keywords in the title of your squeeze page and make sure that they are in the proper heading style. If the search engine recognizes it as a header, it will place more importance on the words than if it’s body text.

Keywords In The URL

When you build a squeeze page use a keyword or keyword phrase in the URL. Don’t go too crazy with the keywords, though. You want the page URL to also look nice.

Use Descriptive Keywords In Alt Image Tags

Search bots can’t read images, provide descriptions to the images that you have in your squeeze page. Use more than ” pretty pink flower” to describe the image. Instead use words that are particular to your product or service

Write Awesome Headlines

Headlines are important because people don’t read horizontally on the internet; they read vertically. Bolding a headline using headers and making sure it’s an important keyword, will not only direct the search engines to rank you higher, but it will also help your target audience read your page better.

Keywords In Links

Make links within the squeeze page with words that are keywords and specific about the link. Don’t use words like “click here” – use words that describe what they’re clicking such as “100 Cookie Recipes” in its place. The majority of people recognize that underlined words are where you should click.

Responsive Design

A lot of people use their mobile devices to search the internet. Make sure your page can be viewed correctly on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. The more responsive your design is, the more the search engines will like your page.

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